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Payroll Services


  • E-mail reminders for every payday
  • Direct Deposit
  • Multiple pay types
  • Voluntary deductions (insurance & retirement plans)
  • Vacation, personal, and holiday tracking
  • Independent contractor payroll (1099-non employee PR)
  • Secured employee portal (for employees to access their own pay stubs)

Payroll Tax Filing:

  • Electronic tax filings
  • Electronic forms filing both Federal and State agencies
  • State - New hire forms and filing requirements
  • Federal & State W-4 electronic filings

Payroll Reports:

  • Payroll tax and liability report
  • Employee and Employer detail cost reports
  • Secure internet access to all current and prior payroll and tax reports
  • Integration to QuickBooks, Excel and other financial software

The most cost effective payroll service available.

Customer Comment

"Pete LaSalle from Creative Business Authority has been a thoughtful, reliable, and accessible bookkeeper for my medical practice since 2011. He is diligent in his record-keeping, and is quick to notify us of any line items requiring clarification or expenses which seem outside of the business routine.

"He has also been very helpful with advice regarding payroll. Pete is quick to answer the phone or return emails whenever I reach out to him with questions, which is so important to me as a small business owner.

"I would highly recommend Creative Business Authority to anyone seeking personalized bookkeeping services with a high degree of professionalism and integrity."

Dr. Sakina S. Bajowala, M.D. FAAAAI
Board-Certified Allergist & Immunologist